August 3, 2009

RollingShutter AE filter released

RollingShutter is the new plug-in for After Effects and Nuke from The Foundry that tackles image-distortion problems experienced by users of CMOS cameras. It's even on the VPN for Fxphd members. Here's the video introduction:

The Foundry adds:

"As parts of the image are recorded at different times, fast-moving objects, or objects that pass quickly through frame during camera whip-pans, become distorted with diagonal skews. Other typical distortions include image wobbles created when cameras are held-held, and exposure problems with flashing or strobing lights.

Along with being ungainly and unwanted, these image distortions also increase the difficulty of 3D tracking during VFX post production, as the tracking points themselves can be equally affected or not deliver accurate results. Using Local Motion Estimation technology, we can individually correct parts of the image that are moving relative to the camera, even if they are moving in different directions or at different speeds."

Update: Prolost looks at the Rolling Shutter plug-in, and gives the Maschwitz opinion on 30p to 24p conversions.

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