August 10, 2009

Crash report love letters

Noted around the Interpipes is a series of think pieces to possible humans on the AE team, semi-anonymously from The FutureStack. While this might be a 'fix' for voyeurs like me lacking After Effects action on the Dear Adobe complaint site, apparently Crash Reports are read by humans, who may even want to reach you if you have continual problems. Here's a sample of the FutureStack reports, which are amusing ephemera if you're not sorting through thousands of others.

Adobe integrated some new technology into After Effects CS4, the Adobe Crash Reporter, which helped ID bugs for recent AE software updates. Paul Uusitalo, an After Effects quality engineer, described the details in a guest post on Todd Kopriva's Region of interest blog.

Later, Michael Coleman explained customer privacy and the Adobe Crash Reporter:

"Adobe is not monitoring your activity. After Effects detects the crash and we don't know anything about it until you send the report to Adobe. The report originates on your computer. If you choose to submit a report (and we very much appreciate if you would) only non-personally-identifiable information is sent to Adobe. This includes information such as which part of the software encountered an issue."

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