August 9, 2009

Effects A to Z: Alpha Levels

Motionworks' sorta weekly tour of built-in AE filters continues with the Alpha Levels filter; see Effects A to Z – Alpha Levels with guest Topher Welsh.

Chris & Trish Meyer have a similar series on, except it is running though filters by Effect category (as in the Effect Menu).


Todd Kopriva said...

It seems odd to say any more about the Alpha Levels effect other than "Don't use this; use the Levels effect on the alpha channel, instead."

I've like the others in this series so far, though.

John Dickinson said...

Hey Todd, even for the effects that have better options the plan is to show what the effect does and point out the better option. We won’t be including the effects in the Obsolete category and Alpha Levels might be a good candidate for that catergory in the future.