August 29, 2009

Recreating a Lexus commercial

motion graphics eXchange noted a 3-part video tutorial (QT downloads) posted by JMDesign, After Effects Lexus Tutorial by Barbecue. In the tutorial, Ruediger of Barbecue Design shows you how they created parts of a commercial for Lexus Toyota Hybrid Drive using After Effects and Trapcode Particular. There's also discussion of an AE script by Paul Tuersley to make a panorama (or alternatively Trapcode Horizon), and how to integrate the particles into the environment of a 3D scene in After Effects. Here's the original video:

Note: JMDesign also posted some found AE projects from an idea too good to die in Trapcode People Resurrected.

Update: see a later AEP roundup, Panoramas in After Effects.

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