May 28, 2009

Insight into (Blur) Effects is hosting After Effects: Insight into Effects, created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. Insight into Effects covers the AE blur effects, and includes hidden gems, optimal parameter ranges, "gotchas" to avoid, and alternatives to consider.

This series on blurs join others on, including the recent AE tutorial sets
Natural Light Effects and Light Transmission, mentioned in a previous AEP backgrounder. If you don't have a subscription, you might try a free 7-day pass to check out the massive library beyond the free samples.

And of course there's a hefty amount of completely free stuff from this team at their PVC blogs Creating Motion Graphics and
CMG Keyframes, and at Focal Press and Artbeats.

Update: Chris and Trish Meyer also posted After Effects Tips 5: Going for a Scroll explaining techniques to easily create scrolling banners, ticker tapes, and other graphics. And later they covered important basics in After Effects Apprentice Video Tutorial #6 , "a quickie on how to use the 3D Axis Arrows to manipulate 3D layers"

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