May 1, 2009

CasparCG: the free Flash-based video app

CasparCG is a free open source Flash-based video app that is being used in Swedish national TV broadcasts for lower-third name signs, election results, game show scores, and channel idents. Still unseen here at AEP, the website describes it as an app that can play common movie formats, with alpha, as well as both SWF’s and FLV’s, in realtime as your hardware allows.

Until now mostly only referred to obliquely on Twitter, Filmmaking Central interviewed developer Olle Soprani. Here's the interview -- and be sure to check out Filmmaking Central's rollout of a variety of NAB goodies, including particleIllusion coming to After Effects and Jerzy Drozda, Jr (maltaannon) on 3D Serpentine.

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David Basulto said...

Thanks for the plug! Cheers!