May 11, 2009

Fluid simulation in Audi 'Filter'

Via Andrew Webb on the AE-List and John Nack, who adds more type art, is Audi Filter on Motionographer. Some versions of Firefox aren't so happy with QuickTime, so here's Vimeo versions of the piece and a basic 'making of':

Update: in early 2011, Exotic Matter began shipping Naiad, the fluid-simulation software used on movies like Avatar.

Update: via @Filmbot is Contained Fluids from Andrew Lyons' Houdini User Group at Pixar Studios. It "demonstrates how Houdini's unique procedural tools can be used to create automated solutions to VFX challenges that might otherwise require costly dynamic simulations."


~N said...

Hi. What software is used here for fluids/particles? I don't recognize the interface...


Rich said...

According to this article:

"The effects team used Uce by Softimage for animation and Flame for compositing."

Seems like a typo; the app is Ice: