May 21, 2009

37+ data-visualization blogs

Flowing Data carried Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins but you'll have to look to Gene Expression & the Las Vegas Sun for some explanation.

For those who find these sorts of visualizations compelling, there are many resources to explore, and Flowing Data runs many of them down in 37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About. If you visit be sure to catch information aesthetics, Strange Maps, Visual Complexity,, and Visual Mapping.

Also handy is Interactive Narratives infographics feed.

Other good roundups include Smashing Magazine's 2-year old Data Visualization: Modern Approaches and ReadWriteWeb's The Best Tools for Visualization. More related notes and links were posted earlier at John Nack on Adobe , in Ethan Eismann's Information Design series of posts, and here at AEP.

Finally here's a nice video about mind mapping via Visual Mapping:

Update: Check out "Designing for Big Data" by Jeff Veen from Web2ExpoSF '09 , below,

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