May 28, 2009

Do or Don’t: new show starts with Lightsaber & Phaser

The MossyBlog, hosted by an employee of Microsoft not by a Dagobahi student of Yoda, has a long list of the Do’s and Don’ts of Video Tutorials -- to which one might add "don't say ekcetera."

A new entrant in the filmmaker tutorial scene is Film Riot, a show from Revision3. The first episode is "Star Trek vs. Star Wars! The Great Lightsaber - Phaser Battle."

You can decide yourself if you agree with NewTeeVee that the first episode is not "for beginners to using the software [After Effects], though, even if the techniques being demonstrated are pretty basic." There are a ton of light saber tutorials out there using the Beam filter in AE, and NewTeeVee mentions one by IndyMogul for comparison. Like the nice Sci/Discovery show Science of the Movies, finding the right balance of schtick can be tricky when starting out.

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