May 20, 2009

Adobe's CS4 video tutorials + a master list

Exploring content on Adobe TV can be slow, so its titles of how-to content have been gathered in a master list of CS4 Video Tutorials by Adobe Design Center.

Update: overlooked but caught by trusty AE Help czar Todd Kopriva in Comments, is the previously noted Adobe AE Help page Services, downloads, extras, and video tutorials, which organizes a master list of AE video tutorials (including ones from the CS3 era) from Adobe and partners into categories forming a comprehensive introductory "course." And this page is available in 6 languages!


Todd Kopriva said...

That's OK for the video tutorials made new for CS4. The problem, though, is that the Design Center page doesn't list the video tutorials that were made for CS3---virtually all of which are still valid and useful. That's why there's a consolidated list here:

video tutorials for After Effects CS4 and After Effects CS3

Rich said...