March 29, 2010

Shatterize: AE Pixel Polly + expression tutorial

Video Copilot posted a new After Effects tutorial using CC Pixel Polly, (ships with AE), Shatterize:

"In this tutorial we will be creating a progressive shatter effect using the Pixel Poly plug-in and some simple expressions. This 20 minute tutorial is an expansion to the 3D Ball Dispersion technique for offsetting animated layers, to achieve a unique burn-away look."

Update: There's another project example of Pixel Polly by Ayato/Hindley, and another use by Andrew Kramer in Video Copilot #98: Particle World explosion.


Anonymous said...

Where can i download pixel poly..?

Rich said...

CC Pixel Polly is a separate install but comes with AE.

In the old days you had to pay extra and there was no CC prefix. BTW, Brian Maffitt had a tutorial showing how to do an explode with multiple applications of this filter at different settings; that was before expressions.