May 26, 2010

Unplugged 25: Noise Industries interview + free filters

Motionworks' Unplugged 25 features an interview with Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries:

"Noise Industries offers a range of [Mac-only] GPU-accelerated plug-ins for After Effects and Final Cut. In this episode Niclas Bahn demystifies the FX-Factory platform and introduces three of the key plug-in packs available from Noise Industries, including FX Factory Pro, MoType and Nodes."

Note: Noise Industries offers several Free Plug-Ins, including CoverFlux for an iTunes Cover Flow (or CoverFlow) look and Pan and Zoom for the Ken Burns effect. There's more free FxPlug filters listed by @juanmiguelsalas, Pure & Applied, and Scott Simmons and The DV Show -- and others are available through the same links if that list is limited. [Update: there's also the new Freebie Pack 1 from idustrialrevolution.]

If you're on Windows an easy way to do the Cover Flow effect is with an After Effect script by Paul Tuersley. You just have to animate some sliders.

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