May 16, 2010

Camera mapping tutorial

Lester Banks notes a Camera Projection technique Tutorial by Zen, which looks to help you use 2D stills to create spaces.

Note: Additional resources on camera mapping and the AE camera can be found by clicking on those tags.


Kenneth Rosenstrøm said...

That's what Vanishing Point in Photoshop is for, and a lot easier I might add. There is a tutorial somewhere on how to export VP from PS and import it to AE to get the same effect.

Rich said...

Yes thanks for noting that; click the tags for more resources on VP and camera projection.

Zen said...

@Kenneth Rosenstrøm

Yes you are right, you can make the vanishing point in pts then export the VPE file to Ae, but let me tell you.If you use Vanishing point , the movement will be very very limited and your object will be stretched away.Very bad !

So I recommend you to use this rather than vanishing point.

@Rich :
thank you for adding my tut on your site, I appreciate it !
I still have another tip about "title animation", if you feel it's worth, you can share it to everybody, this is a tutorial,too:

Im trying to make many tuts to build the trademark- ZenCreator.Thank you very much Rich!

Barber said...

Awesome , thanks very much

Scarlet said...

Nice tutorial!
What's the music you used in the example slideshow?

Rich said...

If Zen doesn't show, you might go to his Vimeo page for website:

GeneralError said...
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