September 17, 2008

DSLR HD movie samples

If, like me, you've only been skimming the discussions of the new DSLR cameras' HD movie capabilities on the informative Prolost, on John Nack, Poynter, David Pogue at the New York Times, and through other blog posts listed on CrispyFeeds, you might have missed links to actual samples listed in comments.

Digital Photography Review posted movies from both the Nikon D90 (AVI/MJPEG and MPEG4) and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (MOV/MPEG4). There's also movies on the Nikon and Canon sites.

The D90 has 3 sizes at 24fps: 1280 x 720, VGA (640 x 424), and QVGA (320 x 216). The Mark II does 30fps at 1920 x 1080 (38.6 Mbits/sec ~ 4.8 MBytes/sec) or 640 x 480 (17.3 Mbits/sec ~ 2.2 MBytes/sec). Below is a reported test from the Nikon D90.

Update: Apart from RED products there are more cameras along these lines. Prolost and others have discussed the Ikonoskop A-cam dII (see the MacVideo.TV report and another movie from IBC), and there's the Casio Exilim EX-FH20 can record up to 1200 fps movies although at small sizes. Now back to the pages of the camera geeks and gadget blogs.

Update 2: I was going to stop but Prolost posted about Reverie an impressive new video by Vincent Laforet on the Canon site (direct link).

Update 3: The EOS 5D Mark II: Full-Resolution Video Clips for Reverie were posted by Canon; Vincent Laforet’s Blog has the details at Original “raw” clips from “Reverie” Now Available for Download.

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