September 15, 2008

After Effects CS4 at IBC 2008

Digital Arts is reporting details on Adobe's preview of After Effects CS4 at IBC 2008. Little of this was shown in the previous sneak peeks. Here's a few but not all they mentioned, and I'm sure there will be much more in the official unveiling next week:

-- After Effects CS4 ships with Imagineer System’s Mocha-AE
-- a Cartoon filter that turns clips into animated movie
-- AE compositions on the Premiere timeline and other Dynamic Link enhancements
-- Roundtrip editing between AE and Soundbooth
-- automatic creation of compositions to match the size and framerate of mobile phone templates from Device Central

Creative Cow also has a short write-ups (another) with additional details like:
-- a
Mini-Flowchart and other UI enhancements
-- 3D functionality with raytrace rendering moving between PS and AE
export a multilayered AE comp to a Flash project
-- separate keyframes and curves for X, Y, and Z

Update: a Cartoon filter that's fast and works easily would be a good thing, though it might not appeal immediately to strict visual effects types. The full feature set has not been announced; these preliminary reports.

Update 2:
Apple Insider says Adobe Creative Suite 4 details emerge, but nothing on After Effects.

Update 2: Digtial Arts jumps the gun again with a beta preview (it's Tuesday in England earlier), and CNET has a teaser:

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe a cartoon filter could be leveraged as an interesting aid in rotoscoping or matte creation depending on how you define the number of levels and edge simplicity/fidelity (like Photoshop's "cutout" filer).