March 15, 2008

RED ONE introductions

The RED ONE is finally a reality and popular for a high-end camera, so workflow information is starting to filter out for those not in the early adopter set like those on If you've been avoiding the hype, fxguidetv has started a two-part series on the RED camera workflow in post. There's also introductory looks at RED Cine and the camera itself at WonderHowTo.

DV and Indie4K are posting approachable items. The Edit Blog is posting stories, and is especially concerned with conforming an offline edit into an online edit for finishing; Scott Simmons also posts at Studio Daily and notes The Great Red Hype from an Avid list. Prolost goes deep in several articles and gives you settings to match the RED Log transfer function using Cineon log/lin tools in common compositing applications.

Update: Adam Wilt engages in "an unfair comparison of three entirely different cameras" in Three three-letter cameras: EX1, F23, RED.

Update 2: More links from the AE-list (which isn't so impressed with the software), Hi Def Expo movies (also in iTunes) and The Editors' Lounge How to Post with the RED ONE™ Camera! (with PDF booklet).

Update 3: The Edit Blog mentions a new app, Crimson takes a stab at a real RED conform. Plus, HD for Indies is back with a variety of RED notices.

Update 4: Adam Wilt, Art Adams, Frank Capria, and other offer regular advice at PVC.

Update 5: The Edit Blog notes and adds commentary in fxguide tv posts episodes on RED.

Update 6: Self-Reliant Film has a log list of links to various RED resources. FxGuide likes RED so much it started a separate podcast series.

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