March 5, 2008

Book video, part of rise of video retailing

Using video to publicize books has gone beyond the digital media training world of Peachpit -- with Amazon (also with video reviews) and Borders now supporting video, the rise of book video hubs like Bookwrap Central and, and support resources for authors like Treated & Released.

Here's hoping that Barns & Noble Studio will somehow push B&N to carry better books:
Barns & Noble plans to launch a multimedia network on its website Monday reports USA Today, with two video programs and more than 700 other book-related videos, organized by genre and including author interviews and book readings.

It's the latest salvo in what Internet Retailer editor Kurt Peters calls an "online video revolution" in retail. Websites use video to give shoppers new ways to interact with products and, of course, to boost sales. the rest at WatchingTV Online, and more on video in retail at USA Today...

Update: On Sep 17, 2008 posted Every Book Needs a YouTube Trailer.

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