March 17, 2008

Convert QT <-> AVI without recompression

TRMOOV is an old Windows application for converting back and forth between the QuickTime and the Video for Windows (AVI) file format without recompression (via Phil Spitler). It's connected to the original developers of QT for Windows (backstory 1, 2).

The source and target codecs must be present on both platforms (for example, DV or Cinepak) and sampling rates should be the same. File names have to be 8 characters (or less) with 3 more for the file extension.

Caveats are at Download Recordings, and Bob Currier of Synthetic Aperture discusses TRMOOV in Converting Between QuickTime and AVI, but I still have a question.

Does PremierePro CS3 on Windows have to conform an AVI DV file made from a QT DV file? Here's a sample AVI rewrap if you can test it in Premiere...

Update: I have a reliable report that the rewrapped AVI from MOV doesn't import into Premiere, though it does import into AE.

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