September 23, 2010

Wiggle Transform text

Andrew Devis posted a new tutorial, Wiggle Transform & Text in AE: which shares some basics on Wiggle Transform and converting text to shapes with the Layer menu command "Create Shapes from Text."

See also the CMG video on Wiggle Transform and Alter shapes with path operations in AE Help.
Chris and Trish also posted overviews on Shapes in AE Apprentice #9: Shape Layers and The Shape of Things to Come: Shape Layers Introduction.

Wiggly Text selectors are described in AE Help, along with an example found in Examples and resources for text animation. In some earlier video tutorials, Chris and Trish Meyer explained animating text in After Effects, and Aharon Rabinowitz explored Text animators in After Effects Text Tips 2 and After Effects Text Tips 3 and has a few tuts on Shapes too.

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