September 26, 2010

Greenscreen and keying resources

Chris and Trish Meyer posted Greenscreen Resources on PVC with info on some tips, tricks, and supplies.

There's a few more in this grab bag from previous AEP posts, some of which were also listed by Trish and Chris:


Premium Beat introduced keying in Keying Fundamentals in Adobe After Effects. For more, see Todd Kopriva's outline of a set of four video tutorials on color keying by Andrew Devis.

Better Keying from Production to Post was a free class on green screen. Sponsored by Tiffen, the webinar featured Marco Paolini and Richard Harrington.

Jeff Foster, author of The Green Screen Handbook, was the host of a series on Splice Vine, August: Keying / Matting. See also FxGuide's Art of Keying and The Art of Roto, both by Mike Seymour, 'Super tight' garbage mattes in After Effects, and Rotoscoping tips on AEPortal archive. Here's Best Practices in Software Keying, from Jeff Foster's video2brain course Fundamentals of Compositing, Tracking, and Roto Techniques with After Effects

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Solie Swan said...

Not sure if this is of interest to you but we just posted our first greenscreen tutorial (aimed at beginners) at

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