April 13, 2010

SIGGRAPH videos on the Roto Brush

Chris Prosser of the After Effects team noted the SIGGRAPH paper on the Roto Brush feature, Video SnapCut: Robust Video Object Cutout Using Localized Classifiers. See also Interactive Video Cutout.

Other recent coverage was noted in Roto Brush explained. Here are source videos of the papers (PDFs are available too):

Video SnapCut from Jue Wang on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The first video (SnapCut) is indeed the SIGGRAPH paper that was the basis for roto brush. The other paper is earlier work, related only in that it was trying to address the same problem. The algorithms are very different.

-DaveS (one of the roto brush authors)

Rich said...

Thanks for the clarification!