November 20, 2009

Knoll 3D Flare + Optical Flares update

Knoll 3D Flare is a new feature set in the next version of the industry standard Knoll Light Factory Pro. Aharon Rabinowitz has some details, but no pictures yet, at the Red Room Blog. Apparently, RGS is not taking Video Copilot Optical Flares (nearing release) lying down!

Update: Here's an update from Andrew Kramer on Optical Flares,

"Our next-generation 3D lens flare studio Optical Flares is nearly completed, however I see an opportunity to make it even better with a little more time. Optical Flares is capable of building amazing 3D lens flare presets with precise and realistic qualities.

Now imagine the power of a free network where customers could upload and share these amazing presets online? The Video Copilot Preset Network is a perfect solution to continue the spirit of the website of sharing and contributing knowledge and presets, as well as enhancing the value of the product. This will also allow the style of lens flares to evolve beyond the built-in presets as artists develop them.

With this in mind, we have decided to wait about a month to give us time to incorporate this preset network and improve the built-in preset browser to allow multiple collections to be loaded at once. This is an exciting new endeavor and we know customers will benefit even more from this amazing software plug-in."

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