November 22, 2009

Colorista mini tips from 5tu

From the Stu Maschwitz Twitter stream, in response to a Photoshop user who asked, "where to begin to do Colorista type 3way L/G/G adjustments":

#Colorista tip 1: You can think of the three trackballs as a GUI for PS Levels. Lift is like in/out black, Gain is i/o white, gamma = gamma.

#Colorista tip 2: The stuff in The DV Rebel's Guide about push/pull grading with Rebel CC holds even more true with Colorista.

#Colorista tip 2b: Colorista in FCP compared Colorista with an NLE 3-way color corrector.

#Colorista tip 3: Watch this! ...

Red Giant TV Episode 22: Creating a Summer Blockbuster Film Look from Stu Maschwitz on Vimeo.

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