October 6, 2008

Smoke, Flame, Nuke > AE +Apple

If you're interested in following up the Prolost post on merging After Effects & Premiere with feature requests for Adobe CS5, some of features available in Flame and Smoke can be seen in Autodesk Inferno Services & Support (via), which has several explanatory movies in their Self-Paced Training areas.

Nuke is also worth exploring if you haven't. Final Cut User posted a note a few months back on FXPHD’s Compositor’s Guide to Nuke is Now Online -- the 1st movie makes the free 8-part 4-hour orientation download worth grabbing. FxguideTV has more on a variety of new relatively advanced stuff shown at IBC and SIGGRAPH.

Update: Scott Simmons at Studio Daily has his own feature requests for restructuring the Apple Pro apps.

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