October 6, 2008

Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender

Lacquer has extended their Conduit compositing plug-in for After Effects and Photoshop to Pixel Bender (via). Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender is in beta but you can buy in now; see the samples. Training movies and more about Conduit can be found at DV Garage; previous notes on Pixel Bender are here.

Update: This version probably will only export .PBJ (Pixel Bender Bytecode) files for Flash, not .PBK (Pixel Bender Kernels) and .PBG (Pixel Bender Graphs, networks of kernels), which are supposed to be the only formats supported in After Effects CS4 and the forthcoming Photoshop Pixel Bender filter extension.

Update 2: There are similar products that work with FxPlug technology on Mac OS X and allow modifciation and filter export of work done in the node-based Apple Quartz Composer. For example, FxFactory Pro allows you to create visual effects plug-ins starting from Quartz compositions. Previous notes here also mentioned Effect Builder AE from Pixlock and QC Integration FX.

Update 3: a Pixel Bender filter based on the ‘Droste effect’ (via) might be fun. There's actual animations available at Leiden University's Escher and the Droste effect; see the frames below from an animation from A logarithmic image transformation by Jos Leys.

Update 4: and of course a Pixel Bender did come 6 weeks later; see free 'Droste Effect' Pixel Bender filter.

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