July 12, 2011

Attention and movies

For a discussion of movies and attentional blindspots, see What You See Is What You Get at the New York Times, which explores ideas that circulated in February from David Bordwell who now adds comments on fast pop movies and slow festival films. Bordwell was mentioned here on AEP previously on these and related matters.

Note also that Norman Hollyn posted a link (3 years ago) to an awareness test that was almost the same.


Skettalee said...

So did I win anything? I counted 15 right off the bat and noticed the gorilla coming through the group as well right away. Was there actually anyone that didn't? Id like to know more about this and what its supposed to be studying besides just awareness.

Rich said...

You win a free box of light that's just hittings your eyes now!

I saw the other video a few years ago but still didn't see the gorilla make a gesture. I thought the gorilla just walked through. How people pay attention can inform shot composition and pacing, and perhaps place clues in story development.

Check out the eye tracking stuff and read the NYT and Bordwell afterward: