August 10, 2009

How to Light Wrap [now @PVC]

This page has been updated and moved to Pro Video Coalition, How to Light Wrap.


Unknown said...

dude, I asked somebody how to make a 3d robot look realistic when composit in after fx. He advised me to use lightwrap. So I googled it and found you. This my friend is truly a piece of art tutorial thanx man.

Raptor Red said...

Guys you don't need an expensive plugin, it's not perfect but I used happyaftereffecting's custom preset. It has some problems (using only local pixels) but it looks good enough for most minor work.

using maltaannon's light wrap I created this:

Free light wrap preset HERE:

and a tutorial for better color correction for green screening here:

Unknown said...

A quick and dirty lightwrap technique is to simply use Layer Styles - Inner Glow, set the blend mode to Soft Light and select the most prevalent BG colour with the eyedropper.
It ain't perfect, but it's heaps faster and takes a LOT less time and effort.

Rich said...

That would be a good quick tip video!

vijesh said...

thank u sir its really helps me
thanks once again