June 29, 2009

Basic skills and good work

Imagination and passion are sometimes undervalued, especially by people like us who track After Effects filters and tutorials. Inspirational pieces can come from anyone, and even the highly skilled (think Picasso) don't use their entire toolset to dazzle you. You just need a dot and a line willing to bend a bit. This from Jr. Canest, a young college student, is a recent favorite:

CRAZY ENOUGH - Title Sequence from Jr.canest on Vimeo.

Update: the Mattrunks blog (in French) adds comments and a possible enhancement that fits the Jr. Canest project, CC Smear Experiment : After Effects CS4 Project (361).

Also, Grayscalegorilla had more (earlier than AEP as well):

"Jr Canest was nice enough to share some screenshots of his AE comp with us. Check out all those keyframes! That’s what it takes to get that level of animation. It’s not scripts, nor expressions, nor plugins. It’s raw keyframe talent."

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