August 26, 2008

Broadcasting live video from phone

Broadcasting live video from a cellular phone seems like it'll hit big soon. Someone did live podcasting from a Flash conference last year with a Nokia device I think, but I lost the reference and froze perhaps in fear of being Scobilized.

Now the LA Times is reporting on investments in Qik, "a service which is championed by celebrity technology blogger Robert Scoble, has gained in popularity particularly as it adds new features such as integration with Twitter, YouTube, Mogulus, MySpace, Orkut and Qik is used by a wide array of users, called Qikkers, including both professional and citizen journalists." The video below is from Qik (on "jailbroken" iPhone support); Beet.TV has an interview with a Qik rep.

Similar services include the Silverlight-oriented Livecast (was Pocketcaster) and Flixwagon, which is covering Nokia and like Qik "jailbroken" iPhones.

Update: Poynter Online reports that the Washington Post and Newsweek started posting live video reports via phone during the Democratic Convention. A Post rep told Beet.TV, "We will be using cell phones equipped with a live streaming application from Comet Technologies," and built complete TV studios at the conventions for continuous coverage from reporters and blogging guests.

This should change with more smart phones, like iPhone 3.0.

Update: NewTeeVee adds another player to the list, Aylus Networks, in One to Watch: Aylus Mobile Video.

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