October 16, 2007

'Effect Builder AE' makes filters from Core Image

Toolfarm mentioned a new Mac-only product, Effect Builder AE. Pixlock explains:
"Effect Builder AE is our development kit for building Adobe After Effects™ plug-ins from Quartz Compositions. With Effect Builder AE and Quartz Composer you can quickly create your own effects like generators, filters, and transitions without programming knowledge. With Core Image enabled graphics hardware, effects are rendered hardware accelerated."

Now someone should be doing something similar with Adobe's Hydra/AIF, which could possibly cover AE, Premiere, Photoshop, and Flash.

Update: QC Integration FX offers something similar -- an ability to integrate any Quartz Composer composition as a plugin directly into Final Cut Pro and Motion. QC Integration already includes 52 Quartz Composer compositions, all fully usable as high quality visual effects plugins for Final Cut Pro and Motion.


Anonymous said...

FxFactory did this first and it works for both AE and Final Cut Studio.

Anonymous said...

FxFactory sux. The app is just a huge memory hog and it crashed on my system several times. You also can't add a whole bunch of QC files at once (you need to do that one by one, which takes lots of time).

I like QC Integration. Sweet and fast.

Rich said...

I wonder if either company will build something for Adobe's Pixel Bender!

Conduit is only compliling effects for Flash: