August 17, 2006

Web movie helpers

Two web movie helpers for Mac OS X:

PodTube encodes any YouTube video for iPod. Also it simply and quickly
downloads, encodes for iPod and adds to your iTunes library any YouTube
video you browse with Safari in a single click

iGetMovies gets save-disabled QuickTime files.
And when you play QuickTime and Flash movies or audio files (that you cannot save on your hard drive) in Safari or movie trailers on the iTunes Music Store, wait for them to be completly loaded, and iGetMovies will copy them to your Desktop. Ah, fight, fight, fight -- you get the idea, ah.

also for Mac and WINDOWS:

VideoDownloader Firefox Extension for many movie types even QT
VideoDownloader Firefox Extension add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your firefox window, and a toolbar button. Click a button and you get a pop-window for an easy downlad. For Flash movies you'll need a player like VideoLAN.

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