January 10, 2005

About AE Portal

an After Effect Portal is curated by Rich Young, who previously tracked After Effects resources at the aging AE Portal (now lost in the latest shuffle), which started in 1997 as a class guide and later specialized in plug-ins. An almost complete one-page overview of pre-CS5 AE plug-ins was AE Portal plug-in summary.

AE Portal has moved to ProVideo Coalition, but the archive should remain up for a while.

Please contact me at @aerich or aefilter at yahoo with AE-related news on filters, tutorials, and events. Retweets are easy! Note that pure product promotion isn't the goal of this blog, and that free or very interesting stuff is will garner broader interest.


Rich said...

Announcing here is inappropriate.

Tom Daigon said...

I always look forward to your weekly AE wrap ups for all those scrumptious tidbits I miss. Thanks Rich!

Rich said...

You're welcome. For me it's sometimes anti-climatic!