June 19, 2009

Round-up the usual tutorials

It's already been days since the last uber-round-up of AE tutorials appeared, so here's latest -- 77 Ultimate Round-Up of Adobe After Effects Tutorials, this time from another WordPress blog instantShift. The ultimate round-up still seems to be by FilmmakerIQ, which listed 1001 Adobe After Effects Tutorials.

And of course Topher Welsh follows soon after with a post today. Of note here are the recent intermediate level videos for AE from Greyscale Gorilla – "How to Work Faster in AE" and "How to Use Simple Shapes and Masks" (below).

Using Simple Shapes and Masks to Make an Entire Animation - How I made ConformNonConform from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

Another good intermediate level video comes from Jeff Carrion at SuiteTake, via the EDITBLOG on PVC, "The Top-Ten Things I Wish I Knew About Final Cut Pro…Ten Years Ago:"

Update: The Top 10 Final Cut things to know, listed from SuiteTake,

10. Shift and option dragging
9. Quick Ken Burns effect [slideshows]
8. QuickTime vs Quicktime Conversion.
7. The Black and code button.
6. Option 1,2,3 for transition alignment
5. Esc, tab, spacebar to navigate windows
4. Apply normalization to audio in FCP
3. Disable dropped frames warning.
2. Disable rendering with caps lock.
1. Map your keyboard.

Of course the top 10 varies by person, and extends quickly to other matters beyond UI; for more advice see AEP's Better editing + shooting & music for useful lists of editing tips from Oliver Peters, Steve Hullfish, Chris Meyer, and Little Frog, and advice on more general issues from Hitchcock, Scorsese, Murch, and others.

Update 2: Topher's back with the latest in AE tutorials at AETUTS with 17 Exciting After Effects Tutorials from Around the Web. AETUTS isn't "tooting" its own horn but its native tutorials can also be exciting.

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