June 10, 2009

Free lecture series on animation @ SFSU downtown

There's a free Summer Lecture Series on animation at the San Francisco State Downtown Campus. That's at 835 Market Street, 6th Floor, @ SF Center, Powell Street BART/Muni Station. RSVP to blockhus at sfsu.edu.

Saturday, June 13 (11:00am)
Storytelling through Lighting
with Lighting/Texturing I instructor Geri Smith (Dreamworks)
Light and shadow, color, contrast and composition create scenes that are lighthearted, suspenseful, dramatic, or serene. An audience senses a time and place and laughs along with a character. Through images from Dreamworks Animation's feature film Kung Fu Panda, we will explore cinematic lighting in its support of storytelling.

Saturday, July 11 (11:00am)
Cartoony vs. Realistic Character Rigging
with Modeling/Rigging II instructor Jin Kwon (Electronic Arts)
Rigging isn't just about placing joints and making controls. Learn how to bring life to a character with real production examples. We will explore different ways to approach rigging with a various types of characters: cartoony versus realistic and film versus game characters.

Saturday, August 1,
Drawn to the Animated Story
with Drawing for Digital Animation & Story Telling Workshop instructor Billy Burger
Animation is a team sport, and the game starts with drawing. Whether it's traditional cell animation, Flash, Maya or Stop Motion, drawing is the base for character design, storyboards, layouts, and key poses.

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