June 10, 2009

Normality 3: free AE filter adds 32-bit & Mac support

Today Stefan Minning announced version 3 of his free Normality plug-in for After Effects, which now also features toon shading and support for 32-bit per channel & OS X. Normality uses 3D normal passes to adjust various lighting properties like diffuse and specular lighting, toon shading, reflections and refractions, and more in real-time directly in AE.
From the outside it's not quite clear how much is included from his other old AE filters Celulight and Floodgate. There's a similar free filter from Frischluft.com, NormaliZe (note: see Comments for some clarification).


Stefan Minning said...

Celulight and Floodgate are entirely separate plug-ins their functionality is not included in this release of Normality.


Stefan Minning said...

Frischluft's NormaliZe plug-in isn't similar to Normality at all - it serves a totally differnt purpose.

ZBorntoy does work like Normality in some ways but is not free and doesn't use AE's internal lights.

Just thought I'd clear that up...

Rich said...

Oh, sorry. It seemed like the toon shading may have come from Celulight.

And yes the older (& not free) Zborn Toy does seem more comparable: