June 16, 2009

Trapcode Particular tops Toolfarm filter vote

In a landslide, 1500 AE fans voted Trapcode Particular as their favorite After Effects filter in a Toolfarm Plug-ins Survey.

Here's the Top 10 After Effects filter in the vote (in order of # of votes):
  1. Trapcode Particular
  2. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
  3. Trapcode Shine
  4. The Foundry Keylight
  5. Red Giant Knoll Light Factory
  6. Trapcode Form
  7. Video Copilot Twitch
  8. GenArts Sapphire
  9. Boris Continuum Complete
  10. Trapcode Starglow
Toolfarm is planning to make this Plug-in Survey an annual event and include more plug-ins in next year's poll. Will Level's make the grade?

For context, see the almost complete one-page overview of AE filters at AE Portal's plug-in summary.

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