June 22, 2009

MotionDSP video enhancement software

MotionDSP has shut down FixMyMovie.com (mentioned 2 years ago in AEP post Video enhancement for web movies) in favor of standalone software vReveal, $49 video enhancement software for Windows consumers. vReveal helps heal video that is shaky, dark, noisy, pixelated, or blurry. They have some demos that show stabilizing and basic tonal correction, and a 30-day trial version to see for yourself. It's hard to tell what can't be done in After Effects (even with the poor scaling in AE), but vReveal seems easy, and fast since it's CUDA-enabled.

MotionDSP says that their software "dramatically improves video from a wide range of sources -- from mobile phones to surveillance cameras." Better quality can be had in the more expensive & patented multi-frame video enhancement technology available in Ikena, their $7,000 video forensic solution. Background on MotionDSP can be found in last Saturday's The New York Times: Those Big Bright Eyes May Soon Be Brighter. (h/t to )

Lone wolf feature requests haven't led to improved videosyncracy enhancements inside AE & Premiere -- made here since before Algolith AE filters came and went -- but it might still be worth a try since Adobe has a powerful research unit.

Update: Filed under not sure what this means... On March 27th, 2009 MediaLooks posted that a QuickTime Source Filter [was] Licensed to MotionDSP:

"MotionDSP has licensed MediaLooks’ QuickTime Source DirectShow Filter for one of its products. MotionDSP is a privately held company backed by NVIDIA and In-Q-Tel, headquartered in San Mateo, California."

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