June 23, 2009

Blockbuster Film Look [updated]

Red Giant Software announced that Stu Maschwitz passed the audition and is the new Creative Director for Magic Bullet products. There's more in Got Me a Side Job at Prolost.

The payoff for the rest of us is cool tools and tutorials -- in the first one, Creating a Summer Blockbuster Film Look, Stu shows you how to get the Summer blockbuster look of flesh tones and complementary blue-teals as seen in Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation, and The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3.

Update: It's not bad being late to Stu's posts since the threads are a part of the action. One person asked about color grading a frame containing people of different ethnicities/skin tones. Stu referenced an old post on the subject Hue are you?, which points to PrepShootPost's Skin Color conclusion: "We all line up on the same line on a vectorscope, this line is called the 'Flesh Tone Line' or FTL and its on most vectorscopes." Presumably, if a happy medium can't be found, the shot might be send into roto/matte or CC secondary surgery.

Update 2: see also another AEP post, "Correct" skin tones, and Painting HD Cameras pt. 2 - Skin Tones from HD Cinema.

Update 3: Paul Del Vecchio posted a color correction tutorial on skin tones using Apple Color.


Guido said...

very nice and handy. You make me and my students happy mr Stu. Many thanks,

Academy of art Willem de Kooning

Rich said...

Be sure to check out Stu's blog at Prolost.com -- where you can read him in full with clarifying comments sometimes too.