June 4, 2009

'Unsafe' Areas in After Effects

Some of you may not like it but Chris Meyer is at it again with the video technicalities (glayven) in a new post, Unsafe Areas, which looks at correcting the safe area guides in After Effects CS4.

Chris discusses 4:3 Clean Aperture, the 16:9 center cut, HDTV display bezels (varies between 0% and 10%), etc. so you can understand why you'd want to “change the center cut numbers in the Grids & Guides preferences to 32.5% and 40%.”

Update: This issue already came up on the AE-List after a rejected submission to Disney by David Torno. Disney wants "16:9 centercut action safe needs to be 33% and centercut title safe need to be 40.5%." Chris Meyer added that "It sounds like Disney's guides are 0.5% inside what the math says, to be extra safe."

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