December 30, 2008

Better editing + shooting & music

Useful lists of editing tips can be found in recent posts: 12 Tips for Better Film Editing by Oliver Peters and New Year’s Resolution List by Steve Hullfish.

More editing & filmmaking tips from Hitchcock, Scorsese, Murch, and others can be found in Hitchcock explains editing & the Kuleshov Effect and other posts on editing and editing tips.

Update: Little Frog in Hi-Def adds more advice -- but for production -- in "OH FOR PETE'S SAKE..."

Update: Chris Meyer has tips to adjusting music timing in Mangling Music Masterfully. See also Preparing for audio post – track management, roomtones, additional dialog, production by Woody Woodhall.

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TJLoop85 said...

Thanks for the useful articles, the "12 tips for better film editing" was a great read and really helped put into perspective the entire editing process.


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