December 8, 2008

Fabio Sonnati on H.264 Transcoding

Streaming Media is carrying a summary of Fabio Sonnati's Adobe MAX/Milan session in Back to Basics: H.264 Transcoding for Flash. According to author Tim Siglin:

"his session used examples from Main Concept’s Reference encoding tool since this is the encoder used in Adobe Media Encoder CS4 as well as the Flash Media Encoding Server (which is a branded version of Rhozet Carbon Coder that itself uses the Main Concept H.264 encoder)."

"Use VP6 as a fall-back strategy," said Sonnati, "to cover 99% of the audience, since H.264 can be viewed by 90% of the audience (that have Flash Player 9 v3 or Flash Player 10)."

Check out the specifics in Back to Basics: H.264 Transcoding for Flash. Maybe Adobe will post the video of Max sessions as promised when the dust settles. Some of the details of Fabio's work were discussed here earlier, including compression examples by Fabio:
- Heima (720p) @ 500Kbit/s
- Heroes (720p) @ 500Kbit/s
- Heima (1080p) @ 1500Kbit/s

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