December 10, 2008

REDCODE installer for CS4 available

Studio Daily posted REDCODE Installer for Adobe CS4 finally available from RED.

DAV's TechTable offers extended notes and illustrated help in Native Red Camera Files & CS4! Premiere Pro C4 and After Effects CS4 workflow using the NEW Native RED R3D plug-in, which supercedes his earlier post New Red Camera Adobe Support. Here's a small version of Dave Helmley's supporting video, which can be viewed fullscreen at Adobe TV:

Update: Curiosity seekers can find more details in a RED User thread, and The Edit Blog is already Kicking the tires on R3D editing in Premiere Pro.

Update 2: There's also an Adobe workflow paper available; one version was posted by Dave Helmley. For consistent color appearance of R3D files between After Effects and Premiere Pro, you must assign the HDTV (Rec. 709) color profile when enabling Color Management. The workflow paper tells you how to make the R3D interpretations permanent with a quick revision to AE’s “interpretation rules.txt” file.

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