December 8, 2008

WSJ on the future of movie tech

The Wall Street Journal talks about the future of movies in "The Way We'll Watch:"

"Hollywood studios and tech companies are rolling out a host of innovations that will change the way we experience films at home and in theaters. They've already begun to serve up DVDs that let you chat with other people who are watching the same movie. They're also sprucing up theaters with crystal-clear screens and amenities like cozier seats and restaurant-quality food."

Here's their video of Paul Debevec on live 3D video (in-depth at

The WSJ is also interested in mobile video; see "Coming to Tiny Screens All Over the Place: Korea Offers Evidence Consumers Will View Video on Cellphones." Studio Daily has more specifically on 3D in film and video in 3D: Post Production, Advertising and the Future.

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