December 29, 2008

Prolost on integrating FX review and DI

Stu Mashwitz begins to talk about his work on digital intermediates (eg, King Kong Post Production Diary .mov) for a recent film:

"We created, within The Orphanage's San Francisco offices, a secure mission-control for all the visual effects work on The Spirit. Based around a Nucoda Film Master grading station, The Bunker, as it came to be called, was where we performed the DI over the course of six months of visual effects shot production divided among ten facilities spanning the globe, integrating visual effects shot review and color correction into one seamless process."

Stu links to coverage of the process at VFX World; see "Getting into a New Spirit" by Tara Bennett.

Similar coverage can be found in "Production Style" by Barbara Robertson in the December Computer Graphics World.

Update: Fxguide posted The Spirit fxpodcast (mp3) if you want an audio substitute.

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