December 27, 2008

AE, Magic Bullet, & FCP in 'Benjamin Button'

Apple has coverage by Joe Cellini and and Oliver Peters looks at post-production of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

'This film received the benefit of other digital tools. According to Angus, “One of the scenes in the film is a fable told by Cate Blanchett. We were looking for ways to set this scene apart and decided to give it an old movie look, since it’s a movie-within-a-movie. To that aim, we settled on treating these shots with Magic Bullet Looks. The final version that appears in the film was processed through [Adobe] After Effects where we ‘baked in’ the effect. There are also a few other scenes throughout that received a little Magic Bullet love.”'

Also, 'Button' is on the cover of Cinefex #116.

Flippant News noted that posted a seven-part series of video vignettes with director Fincher and others.

Update: How Benjamin Button Got His Face | Video on

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