December 26, 2008

Import Premiere sequences in Encore

When working in Premiere Pro and sending a sequence to Encore with Dynamic Link, you are asked to create a new project in Encore each time. That's a limitation, but you do have better access from Encore.

Once you're in Encore, you can import any number of Premiere sequences from the menu File >Adobe Dynamic Link >Import Premiere Pro Sequence. Once in the import dialog box you can navigate to a Premiere project and see a list of sequences inside the project. You can make a multiple selection of sequences, or access the dialog box again later to import from any Premiere project.

This is a nice new feature, but the big advantage for a modest app like Encore is that its menus are Photoshop files, so they can be easily edited anytime, or sent elsewhere for revision. Plus you can work seamlessly with After Effects to make motion menus. Here's an AdobeTV video on some of benefits of working between AE, Premiere, and Encore (fullscreen at Adobe):

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