December 6, 2008

Red Giant TV Beta & blog

Red Giant TV is in public beta. They carry a ton of cool After Effects plugs-in, so it looks to be a great resource -- each episode comes with a video tutorial and example and project files. Background and news can be found in the new Red Room Blog.

Episode 01: Binary Transition Part 1 by host Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to use Trapcode Form to create a transition where footage breaks into particles of "binary code," and re-forms as different footage.

Trapcode itself already has a ton of graphical resources to learn about some of its essential extensions to AE. And via AE Freemart, Harry Franks has an excerpt from his Class on Demand set explaining how to Create a Fluid Plasma Effect with Trapcode Particular.

Update: RGTV host Aharon throws a change-up in another post, Slowing Things Down (see the numbers clearly).

Update 2: later...
Binary Transition Tutorial, Part 2 - Now Available!

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