September 9, 2010

NewBlue Light Effects: 10 new plug-ins

NewBlue has released its 9th set of plug-ins with NewBlue Light Effects, a set of 10 video filters that integrates into almost every NLE on both Windows and Mac, and After Effects. This collection contains over 100 presets in 10 filters: Flicker, Glow Pro, Light Bender, Light Rays, Mirage, Neon Lights, Psycho Strobe, RGB Shift, Spinning Light, Starlight. Here's an overview:

Update: In October, NewBlue introduced NewBlue Video Essentials IV, which provides 10 "editing techniques" including Bleach Bypass, Day for Night, Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Luma Key, Magnifying Glass, Reflection, Skin Touch Up, Slide Show, and Time Clock. Here's a sample:

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