September 3, 2010

More slow motion from pictures using Pixel Motion

Michael DeVowe follows up his color correction tutorial (in AE using Photoshop Curves) with Slow Motion From Pictures! [After Effects Pixel Motion Tutorial]. See the tutorial (via) below.

This tutorial adds some detail (see notes on Vimeo) to other tutorials (by Eran Stern and "The Great Zimm" aka Adam Meyers) posted earlier in Extreme slow motion using still frames in AE (instead using RE:Vision Twixtor Pro) and Motion estimated morphing time-remapping on stills. This technique might also be applied to smooth over jump cuts, as noted by Wes Plate; see Morph to smooth a jump cut.

As noted by Rob Antill, if you're using not burst mode, shots will work work better if they have a central focal point. Also, you may find more control using the Timewarp filter (Chris Meyer says you can check out additional details on this filter in The Foundry's Kronos documentation).

Slow Motion From Pictures! [After Effects Pixel Motion Tutorial] from ☞ Michael DeVowe on Vimeo.

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