September 7, 2010

Expression Toolbox: locating expressions

AE Scripts has an update to an uber script for After Effects, Expression Toolbox, released last December by Chris Roe (via @gutsblow RT @Motionworks). The script was:

"created to help take the pain out of using and locating expressions. At some point you’ve probably come across an expression that you find yourself using on every other project you work on. The question is where do you store this expression? I noticed that a lot of people were storing their expressions in text files, without documentation of how they were used or where it could be found. Without knowing who created the expression or how to use it, you’re left waiting on an answer from a mailing list or web forum on how to properly apply it..."

There's a good number of new features, though an online entry system to a global web-driven database is still in the works. Perhaps a partnership with XScriptorium, After Effects Expressions Reference (AEER), and/or Motion Graphics Exchange would prove fruitful.

The full version of the script which is fully functional without a license for 2 weeks if you want to take it for a spin. Here's the demo:

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